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About us 

Your green B2B partner

The Help Mobile is owned by Enter Sales & Distribution, the Nordics fastest growing sales company within the electronic industry. Our goal is to become the leading B2B-partner for resellers that wants to offer refurbished electronics. 

Reselling with a sustainable effect

By focusing on the B2B-market, The Help Mobile strives to support and facilitate the success of resellers through competitive pricing, reliable service and an engagement for longterm business development. By promoting reuse and reducing electronic waste we strive to create a positive impact on society and the planet. 

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Patrik Embermark

Founder & CEO


Lukas Nyman


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Fredrik Pettersson

Sales Manager


Ahmed Alfredsson

Purchasing Manager


Peter Söderström

Senior KAM

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Jonas Friskopp

Product Manager


Johan Gunnarsson

Accessories Manager


Jonas  Kac


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Daniel Thorén

Warehouse Manager


Johanna Eneroth



Casper Hjärtkvist


The board


Oscar Otteborn

Chairman of the board, KYS Committee

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Patrik Embermark

Board member & CEO


Per Berglund

Board Member, KYS Committee


Max Donatello

Board member, KYS Committee

For the planet and the wallet

We want to help resellers to discover the advantages of refurbished electronics. 

Sole focus on resellers 

Unlike similar actors, we will never sell directly to the end customer.

We give new life to units

Every purchase from us is one step towards reducing the environmental impact and promoting sustainable consumption. 

Always of the highest quality

We make sure all refurbished products we sell have gone through thorough tests and works like new ones. 

The number of phones today are outgrowing the number of people on earth, and the manufacturing of these units are seen as one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. 

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Every year 3 million mobile phones are sold in Sweden


The production of a new phone is responsible for 85% of emissions through the lifetime of the phone. 

70 kilograms

The production of one single smartphone causes emissions of about 70 kilograms of carbon dioxide. 

Make a conscious choice



79% less carbon dioxide emissions

when buying a The Help Mobile phone instead of a new one 

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